The brain is much more complicated than many realize. I have experienced 3 different life events affecting the functionality of the brain. My father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at age 50, my daughter was 2 ½ when diagnosed with Autism, then February 2016 I was ambulanced and almost died from Encephalitis. The hope in writing this blog is that I can help others find the resources and services available. Help them understand that they are not alone. Life is full of ups and downs. The problem for many is knowing where to start and who to talk to along the route. So, Here I am!
Why should you keep reading this? Fair question! My hope is that sharing my stories and adventures will inspire you. Help you feel a little more at peace in the crazy world we live in. The Journey of parenthood is difficult enough, having a child on the Autism Spectrum can make it feel impossible at times. Especially if you are a single parent.
I am the mother of 3 beautiful children. My two older children are grown, graduated and living independently in my hometown of Ellensburg, WA. It was tough and a little heartbreaking to leave them and everything I knew. However, necessary to pursue further help for myself and my young daughter. Brooklyn came into my life as a surprise in December of 2012, by far the best surprise I have ever had. Every morning that I wake, I think of her smile and hugs and this gives me a reason to rise and keep going. A reason I very much needed.
My move to Vancouver was for services for Brooklyn, but also for myself. I often say life throws us lessons and unexpected journey’s, but this one was by far, the hardest. February 21st, 2016, I was hit with HSV-1 Encephalitis, a rare illness that results in a virus getting thru your scull and to your brain. I was ambulanced to Seattle and almost died. This journey started very unexpectedly! I know this may not seem relevant to the Autism Spectrum or my knowledge of it, but I assure you it does. My understanding of the brain, it’s capabilities and limitations is so much clearer now. My patience for my daughter and her needs have not changed but I am more understanding of her frustrations.
My hope in writing this is that I can help you find the resources and services available. Help you understand that you are not alone. Life is full of ups and downs. The problem for many is knowing where to start and who to talk to along the route. So, Here I am!
The Asperger’s and Autism spectrum is a huge range. “On the spectrum” refers to the specific set of behavioral and developmental problems and challenges associated with Autism. The brain controls every aspect of our being so it’s kind of important to know a bit about it. Right?
I have a large resume that includes, 15 years in Banking, Co-owner of a Coffee house and Flooring company. A member of the Chamber of Commerce and Ran my County’s United Way Campaign. Specific services I have extensive experience in include: Autism support groups, IEP-management, Autism Speech Therapy, Vocational services, Sensory integration therapy and use of assistive technology. ADHD medication management and childcare services for special needs. Physical Therapy for my body’s nerve and Physical therapy for my brain. This may seem like a lot, but I promise there is more.
My stories and knowledge shared here will be about Brooklyn and I’s current and past life experiences. I will share things that will shock you, scare you, make you laugh, cry and ultimately, my wish is that it helps you understand you are not alone. We all feel alone at times, but I promise you’re not. Remember to take one moment at a time. We got this….