Peace Northwest-People Empowered & Communities Enhanced     This wonderful Non profit is here to link individuals and families with information, training and support in SW Washington. People with intellectual / developmental disabilities often need support in accessing programs and services that are available to them. So many options so asking for help in this area is necessary. Take a peek at their page!


Washington Autism Alliance:  The easiest way to explain this resource is to give you their statement of who they are. Well written and a rare find. “This Alliance is the nation’s only legal advocate for people with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities that pairs individual/family navigation with legal services regardless of ability to pay. We have a highly successful track record of legislative advocacy. We’ve opened access to service for nearly 10,000 clients directly and ensured rights to coverage for over 68,000. Our staff has specialized training and personal experience with autism and developmental disabilities, giving us practical and empathetic expertise.”


Center For Disease Control And Prevention/ NCBDDD   The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is a national resource with enormous amounts of information. They cover all types of disabilities but have a specific section designated to the Autism Spectrum.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Resources and links directly available on this site are substantial. Every state may have different resources and programs available. Make sure and clarify with your state for verification.


Autism Society Autism  This society has been in existence for over 50 years. They provide National, State and Local information, support, and resources. Their goal is to help improve the quality of life for others. Making sure they are treated with respect and are valued for their extensive talents and skills.


Autism Initiatives   Although this page is intended for Pediatric providers, I find it has a significant amount of information. Including resource links and answers to many questions you may ask yourself daily.


National Autism Association-Providing real help and hope for the autism community. This site contains enormous amounts of information for different programs. It supplies downloadable tool kits, dietary intervention and therapy resources are just a few of the link options.


Autism Speaks   The tool link below sends you to a page with enormous amounts of downloadable resources and manuals that address various areas. The tool kit is to help you understand options and next steps depending on where you are in your journey.


Autistic Self Advocacy Network/ Nothing About Us Without Us   A wonderful resource for adults on the autism spectrum. It has legal information and resources that will help you advocate for yourself and connect with others.


National Autism Center  A Good brief description provided on this page with simple lists of steps to help you find the resources, and research projects currently underway.


Autism 101 Seattle Children’s Autism center has a wonderful section that is specific classes for parents and caregivers to better educate themselves about the spectrum. Their page has many other resources but this portion by far is my favorite.


Social Security Disability Guide You will find some great information about the process to apply for benefits. My article titled “Next Step After Diagnosis” will give you enough information to get started but this link below will definitely give you even more. An attorneys perspective is always great!

MN Law Offices- Social Security Disability Guide


National Resource List: Free And Discounted Service


I Taalk Autism Foundation This Foundation has an amazing program that offers up to $250.00 in funding for speech programs that help facilitate the needs of speech development. A brief letter explaining why you are requesting the funding and what will the app be used for. To help with the parents patience and child’s success. Click the link below and it will take you directly to the full explanation and steps to complete!app-facilitator-guidelines/cbls


Small Steps In Speech:  Small Steps In Speech is a wonderful non profit that provides financial help to others needing speech and language services that are not covered by insurance. Such funding would be for I pads, therapies, workshops and/or materials. They do not reimburse for previous purchases, so make sure and click the link to start the process directly with them.


National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands/Free Lifetime Pass  Available for individuals with disabilities. Below is the link to their website. The application will need to be printed, mailed, or taken to a federal recreation site where entrance or standard amenity fees are charged. These sites will accept applications as well. Upon arrival you also must supply documentation that you have a permanent disability. See the link below for the application process.


Autism Care Today This organization has a wide variety of services, products, and treatments. They also provide grant funding to cover such items as protective helmets, GPS tracking devices, sensory equipment, safety fences, Assistive Technologies apps, ABA therapy and Special needs summer. This is not the entire list so look at the link above. Some things such as transportation are not covered.


Grant Application:

Grant Application Checklist Link:


Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA Resources


Healing Winds/Therapeutic Riding-Brush Prairie This Therapeutic Riding center is in Brush Prairie, Washington and offers equine activities. They focus exclusively on working on physical and mental development of clients. Their desire to help individuals with disabilities is remarkable and much appreciated.


Spectrum Life Magazine What a fantastic magazine that tells you stories and resources galore. This is by far one of my favorite one’s to read. I came across it in my local coffee shop and subscribed to there yearly subscription. The cost for subscriptions is $20 for four quarterly mailed issues in the USA and helps support our 501(c)3 nonprofit,

Autism Empowerment


Adventure Dental  This is by far the best dental office that I currently take my daughter to. The entire facility has sensory walls, cool children’s vibe and amazing staff. One of the primary dentists has a child on the Autism Spectrum, so a complete department knows well how to handle hard moments. They also had an option to have my daughter put down for a full cleaning and evaluation. There was doctors present and done in a medical facility but it was necessary. The way it was handled was amazing and we found a few cavities that they took care of all at once. If you are local to Vancouver, Washington then don’t miss out.


Oregon Zoo-Sensory Inclusive Night  The zoo is by far one of my daughter’s favorite places. She fears most animals and requires them to have a barrier or leash. I buy a yearly pass and a caregiver pass. The caregiver can then accompany my daughter via my membership. Buying the annual pass is the best route by far. Just 2 visits with 3 people would come out to the yearly pass total. A must have!


Night Wings for All-The Arc  This program that is run through the Arc offers an opportunity for children on the Autism spectrum to participate in a Wings Event. This event gives you the opportunity to practice what it would be like to check-in, wait in the boarding area, pass through the security point and then even board the aircraft. The plane will not take off but the opportunity helps the child adjust and understand the process along with help the professionals learn a little more. I will definitely be trying this one out!


Child Art Studio/Art Studio offering classes for ages 3-14  Portland child art studio is a lovely place to take children. Lots of sensory play, paint, sand and so much more. I took my daughter and we stayed for hours. Well worth the cost!